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1,024 Byte = 0.0000000000000071054273576010018587112426 Eibit
Calculated as → 1024 x 8 / 10246...view detailed steps

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B to Eibit - Conversion Formula and Steps

Byte and Exbibit are units of digital information used to measure storage capacity and data transfer rate. Byte is one of the very basic digital unit where as Exbibit is a binary unit. One Byte is equal to 8 bits. One Exbibit is equal to 1024^6 bits. There are 144,115,188,075,855,872 Bytes in one Exbibit.

Byte to Eibit Converter Image
Source Data UnitTarget Data Unit
Byte (B)
Equal to 8 bits
(Basic Unit)
Exbibit (Eibit)
Equal to 1024^6 bits
(Binary Unit)

The formula of converting the Byte to Exbibit is represented as follows :

Eibit = Byte x 8 / 10246

Now let us apply the above formula and, write down the steps to convert from Byte (B) to Exbibit (Eibit).

  1. STEP 1 → Exbibit = Byte x 8 / 10246
  2. STEP 2 → Exbibit = Byte x 8 / (1024x1024x1024x1024x1024x1024)
  3. STEP 3 → Exbibit = Byte x 8 / 1152921504606846976
  4. STEP 4 → Exbibit = Byte x 0.0000000000000000069388939039072283776476

If we apply the above steps, conversion from 1024 Byte to Eibit, will be processed as below.

  1. = 1024 x 8 / 10246
  2. = 1024 x 8 / (1024x1024x1024x1024x1024x1024)
  3. = 1024 x 8 / 1152921504606846976
  4. = 1024 x 0.0000000000000000069388939039072283776476
  5. = 0.0000000000000071054273576010018587112426
  6. i.e. 1,024 Byte is equal to 0.0000000000000071054273576010018587112426 Eibit.

(Result rounded off to 40 decimal positions.)

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Definition : Byte

A Byte is a unit of digital information that typically consists of 8 bits and can represent a wide range of values such as characters, binary data and it is widely used in the digital world to measure the data size and data transfer speed.
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Definition : Exbibit

An Exbibit (Eib or Eibit) is a unit of digital information that is equal to 1,152,921,504,606,846,976 bits and is defined by the International Electro technical Commission(IEC). The prefix "exbi" is derived from the binary number system and it is used to distinguish it from the decimal-based "exabit" (Eb). It is widely used in the field of computing as it more accurately represents the amount of data storage and data transfer in computer systems.
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Excel Formula to convert from Byte to Eibit

Apply the formula as shown below to convert from 1024 Byte to Exbibit.

1Byte (B)Exbibit (Eibit) 
21024=A2 * 0.0000000000000000069388939039072283776476 

Download - Excel Template for Byte to Exbibit Conversion

If you want to perform bulk conversion locally in your system, then download and make use of above Excel template.

Python Code for Byte to Eibit Conversion

You can use below code to convert any value in Byte to Exbibit in Python.

byte = int(input("Enter Byte: "))
exbibit = byte * 8 / (1024*1024*1024*1024*1024*1024)
print("{} Byte = {} Exbibit".format(byte,exbibit))

The first line of code will prompt the user to enter the Byte as an input. The value of Exbibit is calculated on the next line, and the code in third line will display the result.

1024 Byte to Ebit to Eibit Conversion Table

Byte (Byte)Exabit (Ebit)Exbibit (Eibit)
1024 Byte0.000000000000008192 Ebit0.0000000000000071054273576010018587112426 Eibit
1025 Byte0.0000000000000082 Ebit0.0000000000000071123662515049090870888903 Eibit
1026 Byte0.000000000000008208 Ebit0.000000000000007119305145408816315466538 Eibit
1027 Byte0.000000000000008216 Ebit0.0000000000000071262440393127235438441857 Eibit
1028 Byte0.000000000000008224 Ebit0.0000000000000071331829332166307722218334 Eibit
1029 Byte0.000000000000008232 Ebit0.0000000000000071401218271205380005994811 Eibit
1030 Byte0.00000000000000824 Ebit0.0000000000000071470607210244452289771288 Eibit
1031 Byte0.000000000000008248 Ebit0.0000000000000071539996149283524573547765 Eibit
1032 Byte0.000000000000008256 Ebit0.0000000000000071609385088322596857324242 Eibit
1033 Byte0.000000000000008264 Ebit0.0000000000000071678774027361669141100719 Eibit
1034 Byte0.000000000000008272 Ebit0.0000000000000071748162966400741424877196 Eibit
1035 Byte0.00000000000000828 Ebit0.0000000000000071817551905439813708653673 Eibit
1036 Byte0.000000000000008288 Ebit0.000000000000007188694084447888599243015 Eibit
1037 Byte0.000000000000008296 Ebit0.0000000000000071956329783517958276206627 Eibit
1038 Byte0.000000000000008304 Ebit0.0000000000000072025718722557030559983104 Eibit
1039 Byte0.000000000000008312 Ebit0.0000000000000072095107661596102843759581 Eibit
1040 Byte0.00000000000000832 Ebit0.0000000000000072164496600635175127536058 Eibit
1041 Byte0.000000000000008328 Ebit0.0000000000000072233885539674247411312535 Eibit
1042 Byte0.000000000000008336 Ebit0.0000000000000072303274478713319695089012 Eibit
1043 Byte0.000000000000008344 Ebit0.0000000000000072372663417752391978865489 Eibit